Gian Luigi Pasqualini is a creative Italian wedding photographer visual storyteller, available worldwide for any destination.
Gian Luigi Pasqualini
Italian Creative Wedding Photographer and Visual Storyteller from Verona

Gian Luigi Pasqualini
GLPSTUDIO…. Tales by light.
Your portrait, wedding and lifestyle events photographer in Verona, Garda Lake, Venice, Tuscany or wherever you want in Italy and the world.

Member of Fearless Photographers a selection of the best wedding photographers in the world, amazing photographers for brides and grooms who truly love photography.

Gian Luigi Pasqualini is an Italian photographer, currently living near Verona on the shores of Lake Garda. He’s an happy man in love with life.
By nature curious, he’s a visionary free-thinking dreamer with a natural tendency to sociability who loves travelling and getting to know other people. He’s also almost vegetarian and devoted to Buddha.
Since his youth, Gian Luigi demonstrated a strong passion towards photography, which has turned into a profession over the years.
What Gian Luigi wants to do is to tell stories using images and capture emotions in order to make them last forever in simple, immediate pictures.
The great care for detail and the attention he pays to all what surrounds him – along with the continuous quest for improvement – make it possible for his pictures to give vivid sensations to those who watch them.
Gian Luigi’s way of photographing represents him and evolves with him, with what his eyes see, and with his willingness to always discover new things, in a constant attempt to grow as a person and to get the best from himself.
He’s always ready to capture moments of daily life through the lens of his camera, filtering them through what he has personally experienced in life, thus proposing his own vision of the world.


Alberto Martinelli & Gian Luigi Pasqualini

Gian Luigi has been working with  Alberto Martinelli for a long time, a talented photographer who’s also a founder of the photographic studio TF2000.

The two of them, whom we could define as “anthropological photographers” and “visual storytellers” are bounded by a deep friendship that has been lasting 25 years.

Together, the two photographers capture reality with an attentive eye towards the outer world, putting a bit of themselves in each of their photos.
The two photographers’ intimate style, full of life and emotions, is represented at its best by the pictures portraying wedding couples.
Gian Luigi is available for taking wedding photos both in Italy and abroad.

Gian Luigi Pasqualini
Portrait Photographer  –  Luxury Weddings  – Tourist Photography
GLPSTUDIO…. Tales by light.
Your portrait, wedding and lifestyle events photographer in Verona, Garda Lake, Venice, Tuscany or wherever you want in Italy and the world.

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